Brass ensemble gets all into the holiday spirit


Ryan Sheehy

The brass ensemble performs on the balcony before school.

by Ryan Sheehy , Reporter

The brass ensemble spread holiday cheer before school on Thursday and Friday.

Mr. Kevin Lloyd believes it is very necessary for students to hear these orchestral Christmas songs as students walk in the building.

Lloyd said, “I think music is a huge part of what the Christmas session is and is a essential factor to what people enjoy about the holidays.”

Lloyd also said, “It makes a very positive change in pace to what students are used to hearing when they enter the building.”

This is a tradition that many students enjoy.

Carson Buck said, “The fact that when you walk into the building and are tired and angry, and you hear these instrumentals and you come to the realization that the holidays are approaching, is a very good feeling to have.”

This is a tradition that is one of the most enjoyable aspects of what the school does during the Holiday session, and hopefully one that will not end.