Students bundle up for record-breaking cold coming into the new year: Photo of the Day 1/3/2018

by Lauren Hall, Reporter

You don’t have to watch the weatherman to know that it’s cold outside during the winter, but something in this year’s weather patterns makes the cold stand out – we’re breaking record temperatures with each coming year.

This past week has been so cold in the North, East, and South-East that Niagara Falls froze and frozen sharks washed up on the shoreline of Cape Cod Bay over winter break.

Right now, the only way to escape the cold in the Unites States is to go West, where states like Arizona are experiencing record highs.

This New Year’s Eve, the entire world experienced record-breaking high temperatures while North America experienced a record-breaking cold.

Ms. Creighton commented, “The cold mornings makes it hard for me to get into my car in the morning. I always use my keys to remote start my car. Heated seats are always a luxury as well.”

This frigid cold is expected to be coming from arctic air. Record-breaking extreme weather poses no surprise to environmental scientists studying climate change.

Students can be seen welcoming the new year by toting around fluffy blankets, hats, thick coats, and durable boots this winter.

Senior Antonio Rios said, “Its miserable walking to school from the bottom parking lot when it’s really cold and windy in the morning.”

Prepare for extreme and unpredictable weather this winter that as science predicts, will only worsen over the years.

Bundle up, Linganore.