Future students shadow at CTC: Photo of the Day 2/14/18


by Mason Eddins, Editor

On February 12, 13, and 14,  students visited the Career and Technology Center (CTC) to shadow the available programs. This week, there were six Linganore students who visited CTC. When students go shadowing at CTC, it is for two programs they could be interested in at CTC for the following year.

Students shadow for half the day, in the morning or in the afternoon. Shadowing gives the student a first-hand look at what it is they are interested in. During the shadowing, the instructor will evaluate the student. The student is evaluated on their use of time, attitude, enthusiasm, how well they follow instructions and their aptitude for the specific program they are shadowing.

¨They were well organized. Everyone helped me. Everyone there was nice,¨ said Sean Alvarado, who shadowed Bio-Med.

Students can shadow up to two programs at CTC. To be accepted into a CTC program, the student’s shadowing experience, attendance and GPA are evaluated. CTC will not accept anyone with a low GPA or poor attendance. If students do not get accepted for the program(s) they chose, they can still apply to shadow for programs that have enough space. It is too late to sign for CTC for a shadowing program for this year, but students should look for opportunities at open houses.

If the student is accepted to CTC, the student will go to CTC for the subjects they chose. Similar to the shadowing, the student will go to CTC either during the morning or the afternoon. They will have two classes at Linganore due to being at CTC for half the day.

There are many programs to choose from at CTC, ranging from how animations to advanced floral designs to auto body repair.