Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch the movie, Selma: Photo of the Day 2/9/18


Grace Gaydosh

A display for the movie is shown in the cafeteria with more information.

by Grace Gaydosh, Editor

From February 12th through the 14th, the movie Selma will be shown in the auditorium during PREP.  Interested students signed up in the cafeteria. It’s not too late! If you would like to see the film, see Mrs. Christine Cline in the assistant principal’s office or Mr. Hornbeck in A229. In addition, on Thursday, February 15th, Harvey Zorbaugh will speak about his experiences at the Selma march

Selma is being shown in honor of Black History Month.  The movie is based on a true story about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leading a campaign to establish equal voting rights. He organized a march in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery, which led President Johnson to sign the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This victory was very significant for the civil rights movement.

The students of Rho Kappa are hosting this event and it was put together by Mrs. Christine Cline and Mr. Darren Hornbeck. Harvey is a personal friend of Mr. Hornbeck and Mrs. Cline put together the guest speaker series.

Mr. Hornbeck thinks that Selma is an important cultural film that sheds new light on what we know about MLK.

“Having Zorbaugh here is a way to connect personally to the material,” said Mr. Hornbeck.