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Lancer of the Week: Adam Seymour

by Matthew Gelhard, Editor

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About to start his fourth year in the marching band, Adam Seymour was named the Drumline Section Leader for 2018-2019. Being a section leader has prestige. Seymour has participated in many music groups including symphonic band, percussion ensemble, symphony orchestra, and All County marching band.

Adam is known for his versatility in the drumline as he can play almost every instrument that it has to offer: including blah, blah, and even  blah.

One of Seymour’s practice regimens is playing on a practice drum pad, which he always has nearby.. He even carries one in his backpack with him wherever he goes just in case there is a spare second to play.

Seymour lived in Spain until he was four years old, when he and his family moved to Maryland.

Seymour is also second degree black belt and has been practicing at Hiya Karate since the third grade. During class, students practice techniques that can be used in combat or at competitions. Seymour competes locally, but he has also has participated in the Junior Olympics and national competitions. He has won two gold medals at the Junior Olympics and earned a Bronze mental at nationals. 

For work, he spends his time where he grew up as a individual in the Hiya Karate dojo. He is a assistant instructor and teaches ages at young as three to as old as sixty. Some days he teaches classes for people with mental and/or physical disabilities.

Adam also currently plays baseball in a 16-19 year old division of the Frederick County Babe Ruth league and has played baseball in the summer for the past 13 years. Seymour says he uses the time he is given efficiently to balance all the activities that go on to make sure he completes his daily tasks.

After high school, Seymour plans to attend college and study in music performance to pursue a career in teaching music or perform in an orchestra. Towson, Shepard, JMU, and Middle Tennessee State University are options to pursue his music career.

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Matthew Gelhard, Reporter
Matthew Gelhard is a second year journalist student and is a part of the Class of 2019. Matthew volunteers at many places in the community in his free time. He has played baseball since he was 4 years old and has a in depth knowledge for the game, and looks forward to participating on the baseball...
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Lancer of the Week: Adam Seymour