Students are expanding to bigger things in woodworking


Ryan Sheehy

Student Tristan Greer is creating a river board using plexiglass.

by Ryan Sheehy, Reporter

Woodworking is a very popular elective for high schoolers to take.

Students have begun to expand to bigger projects in Mr. Rudderow’s woodworking class. They weigh in on what they think about working on projects with bigger scale.

Class of 2019 member, Tristan Greer said, “I really love how each project becomes more and more substantial.” He went on to say that, “this class really helped me figure out what I am good at, and it’s both educational and enjoyable.”

Greer also added, “This class involves you in something that is very therapeutic and enjoyable, but also challenges you in many aspects.”

Students really seem to be enjoying this class so far, as it helps them figure out what they enjoy.

Greer created a custom lake model, using plexiglass to create something that looks like water.

The projects start out a small scale and get more immense as you continue courses.