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Distinguished Graduates 2018: Karen Ellison-Seyler honored in Arts & Humanities for her achievements in music

December 4, 2018

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On November 20, the Distinguished Graduate Organization recognized six graduates for their achievements in Business, Academics, Public Service, Sciences, Arts & Humanities, and Athletics. Karen Ellison-Seyler, member of the class of 1982, is the 2018 Distinguished Graduate honoree in Arts & Humanities.

During her time at Linganore, Seyler dedicated the majority of her time to the arts. She participated in choir and her own band, Hydra. During her presentation during the ceremony, Seyler talked about how her differences made an impact during high school.

“I was the only girl in my woodshop class. That was my thing. This [high school] is the opportunity to try new things. Do something that interests you. Be different,” Seyler said.

This motto carried Seyler through her music career. She worked as a lab technician but knew that she couldn’t spend the rest of her life completing monotonous tasks. Despite what others said or thought, Seyler pursued her love of music and started an 80’s tribute band, The Reagan Years.

Seyler discussed how the band didn’t want to limit themselves to a single genre of 80’s music, but to represent the entire era. They were the first band of this style, making it very hard to find people to believe in them and help them get started. She also talked about how music has helped her meet new people, including her husband.  

After the ceremony was over, Seyler, her husband Sy, and her son Sebastian, a current student at Linganore, went on a tour of the school with SGA vice president Ashley Perise and class of 2021 president Morgan Miller.

Their first stop, predictably, was Mr. Kevin Lloyd’s band class. Seyler wandered throughout the room and discussed the impact that music had on her life and asked about the students’ experiences.

The members of the SGA then led Seyler to Ms. Mary Troxel’s ninth grade English class. Students asked her questions regarding her musical talents and about her performances.

Seyler said, “I would say that one of the biggest performances we have done was at President Trump’s inauguration. He wasn’t there, but it was still a big deal.”

The group then finished the tour of the school and stopped in multiple classrooms to talk to various teachers about her accomplishments, before returning to the Learning Commons for lunch.

Lancer Media also published a profile of Seyler in November.

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