First days of spring means return to winter: Photo of the Day 3/21/18


Julian Rodriguez

Braden Weinel jumps down the hill at Twin Ridge Elementary.



by Grace Gaydosh, Editor

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March 20 was the first day of spring. Anticipated by many, the first day of spring brought wintry weather instead of warmer temperatures. FCPS and many other counties cancelled school on Wednesday, March 21 as well as Thursday, March 22. Schools were let out 2 hours early on Tuesday, March 20 as the roads were slick and dangerous.

Many students complained about the treacherous travel home, and the attendance office dealt with students checking out all day.  There was one bus accident in the Catoctin school district, but there were no students on board at the time.

Winter Storm Toby, the fourth nor’easter this month, rolled across the Southern and Eastern regions of the United States this week despite the arrival of spring. The snow was predicted to cover the East Coast from Tuesday night through Wednesday according to the National Weather Service. About 11 inches covered the ground in Frederick and Middletown, and about 14 inches covered the ground in Baltimore.

Power outages were also expected due to other weather patterns such as hail and strong winds. Airports such as BWI had to delay some flights due to the inclement weather.  Some students complained about loss of internet.

On the other hand, many students enjoyed their two snow days off and had fun outside. Freshman Julian Rodriguez and his friends went sledding.

“Me, Braden Weinel, John Pringle, and Steaphan Nolan all went to Twin Ridge Elementary School and went sledding down the big hill. We played King of the Hill and built a ramp and had lots of fun,” said Rodriguez.