Harvest moon homecoming lights up the night: Photo of the Day 11/4/17


Yesenia Montenegro

Prince Garrett Reese and Princess Lily Weaver of class of 2019 enter the dance.

by Beau Cameron, Co Editor in chief

Homecoming 2017 was a hit among the Lancer students!

On an evening where there was a full moon, the hunter’s moon of November, students traveled Main Street, now transformed with lines with black bark trees, hay bales, and orange leaves. Tables were covered in a translucent orange fabric and scattered with little pumpkins and leaves.

The centerpiece of the dance was the large orange moon banner covering the back window of the cafeteria. It truly showcased the “harvest moon” theme and pulled together all the autumn decorations.

“It was fun. Everyone seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves, which makes everyone around enjoy themselves, too,” said class of 2019 Christy Powell.

Around 9 p.m., the homecoming royalty were announced. Students lined the sides of the cafeteria as the princes and princesses made their procession. Excitement reached its peak when Class of 2019 homecoming princess Lily Weaver, a student battling cancer, passed through the crowd.

The only complaints were the song selections and the lack of a photo booth for students to take pictures with their friends.