Last minute Jimmie Cone deals before season close: Photo of the Day 10/15/17


Jacob Blue

Jimmie Cone shortly before closing

by Jacob Blue, Reporter

Jimmie Cone is an ice cream restaurant located in Mt. Airy.  The season will be on October 22. For many locals, the opening and closing of Jimmie Cone each season marks the “unofficial summer.”

Alaina Burger, an employee at Jimmie Cone says, ” It’s really fun and I love eating ice cream when no one’s there.”

Before those red lights turn off, here are some last minute deals.

This year we are offering winter survival kits.  It includes three quarts of your three choices of ice cream or yogurt. One pint of hot fudge, and one pint of a topping of your choice.  It also comes with a small cup of cherry halves, and a small can of whip cream.

Jimmie Cone will open up again next spring 2018.