Year 35: Hawthorne helps his students grow academically


Jacob Bolger

Hawthorne helps students Makayla Hill and Grace Winpigler with their poinsettia sale posters

by Jake Bolger, Reporter

Having worked at LHS for 35 years, Mr. Thomas Hawthorne is one of the most experienced teachers at Linganore. He leads the agriculture program. He began teaching at Linganore in 1981, and he teaches many of the agricultural science courses.

“I enjoy playing farmer. I have cattle that I take care of,” said Hawthorne. He is very proud of his children and grandchildren. He has one daughter and four grandchildren. Hawthorne can often be found playing a game of tennis or golf.

In seventh grade, he attended Linganore when it was first opened in 1962. His favorite classes were mathematics and agriculture. Back then, the agriculture program was very large because most of the surrounding area was farmland. When the new Linganore High School was built in 2010. When Hawthorne was younger and attended the original Linganore.

After high school, he attended Frederick Community College and McDaniel College, which was then called Western Maryland College. After that, he attended the University of Maryland and received a second degree in Agriculture Education.

Before he worked at Linganore, he worked for the Marine Corps during the draft doing office work. Hawthorne also worked for a construction company, where he sold crushed stone and concrete.

He was a substitute teacher for a seventh grade science class at West Frederick and a student teacher in the agriculture program at Walkersville High School.

He has won several awards, including the National Association of Agriculture Teachers Outstanding Agriculture Program, which was awarded jointly to Hawthorne and fellow Linganore agriculture teacher Mrs. Patricia Beachy.

“Mr. Hawthorne is a tremendous leader, mentor, and supporter of the agriculture programs not just at Linganore High School but across the state of Maryland. He has spent countless hours dedicating his life to developing curriculum in the horticulture and small engine fields,” said Beachy.

In 2003, Hawthorne was presented with a Distinguished Graduate Award in academics.

Along with teaching classes such as Horticulture and Agricultural Mechanics, Hawthorne also helps put together the community show. In the community show, students show off their animals and present projects they have completed. The community show is a tradition in the community, and it has been held every year for 43 years.

He is also a leader of the Linganore Future Farmers of America club, which is one of the largest clubs in the school. The FFA is a national club which helps students achieve their goals in the fields of science, agriculture, teaching, and business. It is a very important part of the Linganore community, and many people such as Hawthorne work hard to keep it alive.

Class of 2019 member Grace Winpigler said, “Mr. Hawthorne is a very nice and cool person, and he’s always very relaxed when teaching.”

Although most of his long time friends are retired, he was very good friends with social studies teacher Mr. Tony Miller and physical educator Mrs. Barbara Ferguson.

Class of 2019 member Jackey Hinkson said, “He’s a great teacher, and he’s the best person around.”

Class of 2020 member Rachel Eaves agreed, “Mr. Hawthorne makes learning so much fun. He always has a smile and his class is my favorite part of the day.”

“I will continue to teach as long as it feels good,” said Hawthorne. He doesn’t plan to stop soon.

Before he leaves his job as a teacher, he wants to make sure that the agricultural program will remain strong. He uses the agricultural classes as a way to give back to the students and community. “Keeping this program alive has been my goal for 35 years,” he said.