The Pre-Vet Small Animal Care goes to Great Frederick Fair; Photo of the Day 9/20/16


Victoria Rock

Class of 2017, senior Emily Sherwood is filling out a questionnaire asking her to name two types of wool found in the Fiber Optics tent.

by Victoria Rock, Reporter

The Great Frederick Fair welcomed students to explore agriculture and teach the youth about the industry agriculture.

The students were given a questionnaire that helps them develop an understanding of the important role that agriculture plays in Frederick County.

Not only did they learn from the fair, the students brought posters with information to the fair.

The students created posters informing others about certain types of animal abuse and neglect, illegal capture and trade, overpopulation, euthanasia, exotic species, production agriculture, hunting (legal and illegal), education and research, and endangered species.

Each student had the opportunity to choose which topic they would like to research allowing them to explore topics they are interested in.

The students were able to ask questions, interact with others, and watch shows. They learned about different types of animals and insects and where they live. They also had a chance watch milking, birthing, and learn about their diet. The students were also informed about clubs in the area like the FFA.