French Honor Society decorates for St. Catherine’s day: Photo of the Day 11/25/16


courtesy of Kelsey Ward

Sofia Schuller, Paul Servary, and Morgan Harris, all class of 2018, make paper hats in celebration of St. Catherine’s Day.

by Kaycee Morris, Reporter

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In France, St. Catherine’s Day, celebrated on November 25th, is a day dedicated to honor unmarried women who are at least 25 years old.

Traditionally, these unwed woman are called “Catherinettes” in France.

On November 9th 2016, the French Honor Society got together during French week, which was during November 4th-10th, to make hats for St. Catherine’s Day, a popular celebration in France.

The hats they made resembled ones women would wear out on St. Catherine’s Day to signify them as being single.

The hats commonly used the colors yellow to symbolize faith and green to symbolize wisdom.

The Catherinettes usually wear the hats all day long and then commonly shared a meal among friends.

Morgan Harris, student of class of 2018 and member of the French Honor Society said, ” We made the hats out of construction paper and other materials like feathers and tissue paper.”

She also said ” St. Catherine’s Day is where the French celebrate St. Catherine, who was a martyr, and unmarried girls wearing special hats, which point them out to men.”

So remember ladies, wear your’e crazy hats to commend you’re independence!