Welcome Class of 2019: Get ready this summer for fall sports

Elizabeth Coletti dribbles past a defender against South Hagerstown.

courtesy of Stu McCaull

Elizabeth Coletti dribbles past a defender against South Hagerstown.

by Grace Weaver, Reporter

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To keep a healthy mind, you need a healthy body.  Trying out for fall sports can be a way to get involved at LHS.

To participate in an interscholastic sport students must maintain a grade point average of a 2.0 and not have any “F’s” or they will be ineligible. Good news: All freshmen start with a clean slate and don’t have to worry about last year’s grades for the fall season.

Every season after that is affected by the previous report card. At midterm if an athlete was previously ineligible but is now eligible then the student can continue to play for their sports team. For the following fall season, the fourth term grades determine eligibility.

The student will have to pay a $90 athletic fee for each team on which she or he participates. Fees are collected to help pay for equipment, uniforms, and coaches. The fee is due before the first game or the athlete will not be allowed to play.

Everyone should be able to play but fee waivers are available for financial hardships.

If the student has never met the coach before, a good rule of thumb is to send a quick email introducing yourself and asking what you will need for tryouts. This shows the coach that the student is eager to play. The coach will remember this initiative when he meets the athlete on the field.

What to do before tryouts:

  • Summer 2015, almost all, teams hold optional trainings that athletes can attend. ATTEND THESE TRAININGS!! This allows for the athletes to show off their skill without the pressure of tryouts weighing on their shoulders. They also have the opportunity to create great bonds with other athletes that could potentially be their teammates.
  • Through out the whole summer, athletes should be preparing for the tryouts. This can include many different exercises such as running, practicing with friends, practicing by themselves, etc. This will help make sure athletes are prepared to show off their skills at tryouts.
  • Two days before, drink plenty of water. This will help make sure that athletes are hydrated during the tryouts. If an athlete ends up throwing up during tryouts, then he will lose most of the water in his system. If this happens don’t worry it happens to everyone.
  • The night before tryouts, get a good night’s rest and eat a big dinner.  This way athletes aren’t tired during tryouts. The earlier the tryout, the earlier you need to go to bed. Even if the tryout is at 3 p.m. go to bed around 9 p.m. That dinner that you eat is going to be a big part of the energy that will be needed for tryouts.
  • The morning of tryouts, eat a healthy breakfast. This breakfast will help athletes from feeling lightheaded during tryouts. This food will also help make sure that you can perform your best without having to worry about your stomach.

What to do at tryouts:

  • Try your best no matter what— No matter what is going on, always give it 100%! The coaches are looking for not only the players with the best skill but also the ones who try the hardest.
  • Don’t be intimidated-– There will be upperclassmen there as well as athletes in your own grade all with different degrees of talent. Don’t compare yourself with the and seniors they have been playing for a lot longer.
  • Don’t try to be perfect-– During tryouts mistakes are bound to happen. Don’t worry about them! Pick your head up and fix it the next time around.

Don’t listen to the nonsense— Coaches and other players may say things that may bring you down. Don’t pay attention to it! Use those words as fuel for your fire and play even harder.