Class of 2019: Oh, the places you can go. . . (Floor 1)

by Erin Lafferty, Reporter

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Below is a map of the first floor of LHS. Marked are the most important places for students to know. (Click to view full-size image)

rsz_new_1st_floorgraphic by Erin Lafferty and Jeweliana Hendrickson

Why are these places important?

Main Office: The place to go if a student is confused about anything. The student will be directed from there, and the office staff is always willing to help.

AP (Assistant Principal) office: If a principal requests to see a student, the student will receive a pink slip. Where does he go from there? Go straight to the AP office.

Attendance Office (Located next to the AP office):  The place to go to drop off absent notes and receive passes when a student comes in late or is leaving early. If a student leaves to see a doctor, a note from the doctor will be required.  Teachers do not collect or turn in notes. Students will also expected to leave class by themselves: There will be no intercom dismissing you from class.

Student Services: The place to be if you ever need someone to talk to or have questions about schedules. If you need a schedule change, their are request forms located by the door you should fill out before requesting to speak to a counselor. Schedule a time to talk to Mrs. Blum. She is the counselor for all ninth grade students. All student services counselors are happy to help.

Main Street (first floor hallway): The center of all things. This is where students should stand before 7:15 am and where the iconic Louie the Lancer is showcased.

Health Room: It is important to know where this is in case a student has an emergency or is not feeling well and needs to go home. Students must always have a pass when entering the Health Room and should never go in between classes. This is the place to go if a student wants to go home. The student should NOT call a parent or guardian on his own. (The Health Room is located by the bus entrance.)

Main Gym: The perfect place for those who want to watch a sports game or try out for a team. Several different teams practice and compete here. All pep rallies are held here, as well. The offices of the gym teachers and coaches are located outside of the gym.

Click here to see the map of the second floor.

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