Class of 2019– people you need to know: Principal David Kehne

Ben Dempster and Michael Johnston

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Class of 2019– people you need to know: Principal David Kehne

by Hunter Killebrew, Reporter

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The Lance interviewed Principal David Kehne as part of the 54 Questions feature. In addition to leading the school, he sets the expectations for all incoming students and encourages all students to maintain their grades and attendance.

He spent the first six years of his career, after graduating with a master’s degree from Towson University secondary education, working at Towson as part of their alumni association and at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. After two years of working in downtown Baltimore, Kehne started teaching his first two years at Chesapeake High School in Baltimore County. He then taught English for four years at Catoctin and for three more years at Urbana before joining Linganore in 2000 as an assistant principal. After seven years, he left Linganore and became the principal of Walkersville High School. After two years, he returned to Linganore, and has been principal for 6 years.

Why should ninth graders know Mr. Kehne?

Most students will become very fond of Mr. Kehne because Mr. Kehne isn’t just a principal: he can be a friend, a confidante, someone to talk to if you don’t know who else you should talk to.

Freshman Ben Dempster says, “I think he is an [excellent] principal because he’s always around when you need him, and he’s always open to most students, and will help in any way. And I think he is truly a beautiful person.”

Kehne says, “If I had to give advice to an incoming freshmen, I would say, ‘In high school, it is really all about the grades. You’ve got to study hard and make sure those 9th grade grades count!’”

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