Parking application: LHS Student Driver Program Rules and Regulations

by Lancer Media Staff

Linganore High School Student Driver Program

Parking Rules and Regulations

The following information was provided for the use of students by the LHS administration.

Click here to download the parking permit application and contract.



All vehicles parking on the LHS campus during the school day must be registered with the school and display a current, valid parking permit. Permits should be displayed in the front lower left inside corner of the driver’s side of your vehicle. Between the hours of 7:00am–2:30pm, parking is by permit only. Any student vehicle parked on campus without a valid 2015-2016 LHS permit parked in an unauthorized parking area (i.e. staff lot, handicapped parking or visitor parking), or parked in an improper manner, will be ticketed and subject to a parking violation fee. Repeat offenders risk having their permits revoked. The administration of LHS reserves the right to immobilize or tow any vehicle. Towing will be at the owner’s risk and expense. Students who use their vehicle to cut class or accumulate “lates” to school will have their parking privileges revoked. Students are prohibited from transporting others or carpooling with others, and/or leaving campus during the school day (includes work study, administrative waiver, intern and open campus) without written permission. If in violation of this policy, students will have their parking privileges revoked. STUDENT PARKING ON THE LHS CAMPUS IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT.



  1. Student Parking
    1. Stadium Lot & Front Lot (front entrance lot closest to Old Annapolis Road) ONLY.
    2. Students may park only in approved spaces lined with WHITE paint.
  2. Staff, Faculty & Visitor ParkingRESTRICTED to STUDENTS
    1. Front Lot (front entrance lot closest to softball field); Gymnasium Lot, Overlook Lot
    2. Staff parking spaces are lined with YELLOW paint.
    3. Students may not park in any space with a YELLOW line on either side of the parking space.
  3. Bus Drop Off— Upper East Lot (stadium side) – RESTRICTED to STUDENTS
    1. Restricted to BUSES and Staff ONLY.
  4. Handicapped parking spaces are not for general student parking and require both an LHS and handicapped permit.
  5. Visitor parking spaces are not for general student parking. They are for visitors to LHS ONLY.



The cost for an LHS student parking permit is $25. Payment must be made at the time of application. Parking fines and penalties will be assessed for parking on campus illegally (no permit visible, unauthorized space, improper parking, etc.) as follows:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd offense = $20 fine each offense
  • 4th offense = $20 fine and letter home (beyond 4 violations- parking privileges will be reviewed)
  • Unpaid fines are a financial obligation. Diplomas and/or report cards will be withheld if obligations remain unpaid.
  • Unauthorized parking in handicapped spaces will result in a ticket issued by the Sheriff’s Dept.

All fees and fines go directly to accounts that fund student activities and initiatives. (Parking fees issued by local authorities are not collected by LHS.)



All students wanting to park on campus, including students on a modified schedule such as work study, internships, administrative waiver, or open campus, must submit a completed parking application. Permits for general student parking will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. CTC students may not park on the LHS campus unless permission to drive to CTC has been granted by both CTC & LHS. Due to space limitations or traffic safety considerations, a “freeze” on issuing permits may become necessary during the year.

Click here to download the parking permit application and contract.



  • An original driver’s license & vehicle registration along with the $25 permit fee must be presented with the completed application.
  • Only eligible juniors & seniors with a valid driver’s license will be considered for a parking permit. Licensed sophomores will NOT have the privilege of parking on the campus. Transfer students must turn in permit to office.
  • Permits will not be issued to students with financial obligations.