Photo of the day: New Market Middle experiences Move-Up Day 6/10/15


Ally Graziano

SGA Vice President Hank Beiter gives a tour to a group of 8th graders from NMMS.

by Ally Graziano, Reporter

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As the school year begins to wind down and teens start to prepare for the summer, eighth grade students at New Market Middle School got a head start on next year by getting a tour of LHS to help prepare themselves for their freshman year.

SGA students and National Honor society students in pairs were assigned a dozen Class of 2019 students to tour the school and give them as much information as they could.

“It’s making me more excited for high school because now I actually have an idea of what it’s like,” says NMMS student Emily Byrnes.

The students learned about the different colored hallways and how the A, B, and C hallways are arranged. Student leaders talked about the required classes for next year and gave suggestions about fun classes to take.

“I’m so excited to be a Lancer,” says NMMS student Haley Stone.

Mr. Jeremy Brown and Mrs. Ilana Blum spoke to all of the students in the cafeteria and answered any questions that the eighth graders had.

“There were lots of good questions, many about the dress code,” says Blum.

When the students were preparing to leave, Lancer media gave them a newspaper with all sorts of important information to know for next year.

  • People you need to know
  • Fun facts
  • A map of the school
  • Advise from upperclassman
  • Lance-tionary (words you should know)
  • Sports advice
  • Clubs
  • Getting to know homecoming
  • A chance to win Taylor Swift tickets