Photo of the day 3/17/2014: NEHS celebrates Read Across America Day


Elena Nicoll

Sydney Giangulli reads to NMES first grade students as part of Read Across America Day.

by Elena Nicoll and Will Foreman, Reporters

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Read Across America Day was created to inspire children everywhere to get involved with reading. The day is dedicated to Dr. Seuss and falls on his birthday, March 10th. This year, members of the National English Honor Society decided to celebrate by giving back to the community. NEHS Officer Grace DeMember organized the visit to New Market Elementary School to read to first grade classes.

According to NEHS junior Elena Nicoll, reading to the first grade classes of the elementary school was a fun and fulfilling experience for everyone who participated.  Those who had graduated from New Market Elementary were transported back to the days they were in the school.  They marveled at how things changed, and how some things stayed the same.  Other readers who had not attended that elementary school were pleasantly surprised at how different it was from their elementary schools.

The readers were directed in pairs to first grade classrooms by the reading specialist, Mrs. Marianne Beckett, with Dr. Seuss books and other miscellaneous stories in hand.  Sydney Giangulli and Elena Nicoll entered the first class with kids already sitting down on the carpet ready for the guests.

“Reading to the first graders was a great experience because they interacted with the story telling and were genuinely excited to participate and listen.  They were so eager for us to read to them.  Read across America Day was a great way to join the community,” Nicoll said.