News for Friday, April 25th

LHS Lancer TV

by Lancer Media Staff

Thanks for participating with us throughout National Classics week. Our hill for today, the Quirinal Hill, is named for Romulus, one of Rome’s founders, after his deified name, Quirinus. As the founder and king of Rome, Romulus led all of his people, including those less fortunate than himself. All roads lead to service, so take today to serve your town by volunteering and giving back to your community.

We won’t be here tomorrow, so here’s an announcement for tomorrow, the last day of National Classics Week: The Capitoline Hill is the “head” of Rome, so today is the day to cap off your celebrations and top the rest of the week’s activities with a final display of spirit and enthusiasm for Junior Classical League and the Classics. Today, show the world that the classics are still alive and thriving in the modern age.

A reminder to all seniors in band: Band Booster Scholarship Applications are available from Mr. Lloyd. The packets may be found on the student shelves in the band room, and should be completed and returned by Friday, May 2. The annual scholarship will be awarded at the Band Banquet on Friday, May 16. See Mr. Lloyd with any questions.

AP Psych students, remember that there is an AP Psych Review this coming Saturday, April 26. It will be held in room A225 and it will start promptly at 8:00. See Mr. Miller for more details.

And now for fun fact friday…Both octopi and goats are the only creatures that have rectangular pupils.

Until next time, have a fancy Friday, Linganore.