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Today’s news: October 31, 2013

Today's news: October 31, 2013

by Lancer Media Staff

October 31, 2013

Tomorrow, the ASVAB will be held in Computer Lab A122. Students should report to Student Services to sign in and will be sent to the testing area once everyone has checked in. When purchasing a school lunch, you are required to take a fruit. It is recommended that you are to eat the fruit every day,...

Buy Domino’s on Halloween, support the LHS band

Buy Domino's on Halloween, support the LHS band

by Lancer Media Staff

October 30, 2013

Support the LHS band program by purchasing from Domino's on Halloween. How it works: Order dinner at the Mount Airy or New Market Domino's, for delivery or carry out. When you pay for your food, turn in the slip at the bottom of the flyer (see link below). Fill out the slip completely - this is the onl...

Who is king of the comics?

DC vs Marvel- Graphic by Izzy Peterson

by Izzy Peterson, Editor

October 30, 2013

If you are a fan of superheroes you’ve probably sat down and thought: who would win in a battle - Batman or Iron Man? There are so many elements to consider! Batman is a perfectly human billionaire who has no actual superpowers besides a sweet suit and Batmobile. Tony Stark is, when compared to Batman,...

Top 10 best cars at Linganore

Kassie Lane poses with her new car after passing her driver’s test.

Photo courtesy of: Kassie Lane

by Phoebe Kolesar, Reporter

October 30, 2013

Look no further than the student parking lot for some of the hottest cars- Here is Lancer Media’s picks for the top 10 best cars at Linganore. 10.) Mark Geppi – Ford F150 9.) Alec Ocopal – 2007 Ford Truck F250 8.) Melanie Woods – 2008 BMW 328i 7.) Kyle Nicolet – 2008 Hummer H3 ...

Do students really go to guidance counselors for help?

by Abby Ryan, Reporter

October 30, 2013

Imagine a classroom teacher having to maintain lessons, grades, and personal relationships with a class of more than 50 students.  This sounds ridiculous, but, by comparison, this is what school counselors experience. There are just too many students to get to know personally. This creates a circumstance...

What MORE can we do for the homeLESS?

Two of the students that Interfaith Works in Montgomery County supports provided brand new backpacks filled with lots of new school supplies on their first day of school! 

Photo Courtesy of Interfaith works.

by Kate Mannarino

October 30, 2013

Average students worry  about what they will wear to school the next day, or if they are going to do good on an exam or what to do on the weekend.  Most likely, they do not think about the problem of homelessness. Most think that homeless people live in big cities far away from the farmland of Frede...

Little Lancers learn and teach

Flora plays in the vet center. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lane

by Kaycee Oland

October 30, 2013

Everybody look out because it’s Little Lancers time! The preschool opened on September 30 and meets four days a week for teacher planning time. Little Lancers has been in business for 3 years. “We have become more organized and kind of know what to expect, but there are still surprises every...

Students go above and beyond: The Meritorious Service Award

Students go above and beyond: The Meritorious Service Award

by Marissa de La Viez

October 30, 2013

Every year, a large number of high school students fill out college applications in hope of admittance to the school of their dreams. Community service plays a larger role than most students might think, and the Meritorious Service Award could put you over the top. Last year, the only LHS recipient...

An inside look on the concert lifestyle

Indie band Small Pools opened for Two Door Cinema Club at Constitution Hall in Washington DC on October 4.

by Erin Formulak and Caitlin Denny

October 30, 2013

Teens crowd the sidewalks leading up to the venue, anxiously waiting to be let inside for the concert. With only a few minutes left until the doors open, the level of excitement is high, and everybody is ready to rush inside to find the perfect spot. For some people this is a special occasion, but for...

Libraries: Who still uses them?

Freshman Jac Medve studies in the media center third period.

by Erin Stewart

October 30, 2013

With all of the information that is available to students online, do we really need libraries anymore? Libraries are still as popular as they were 20 years ago when there was no Internet although it has evolved, call it Library 2.0. “Print resource use is declining, but use of electronic resources...

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